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In Zalesie, on the way from Bydgoszcz to Poznan, between Szubin and Kcynia, in a palace-park complex, in the center of an old manor which is at present a working farm, a stone’s throw from a neoclassic palace which is slowly returning to the glamorous state, we created a special place for people with passion. It’s an ideal place for those who love the country, bird singing, peace and quiet, for those who like to feel the reminiscence of past ages, of ancient stories about people and places, and for those who seek their own way of harmonizing their body and soul away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Our place is ideal for those who do not want to have a typical Agro-Tourism accommodation, yet want to spend time far from snobbish, crowded hotels.

For those who look forward to relaxing in the country and staying in unique interiors we prepared rooms with bathrooms in four styles: Art Nouveau, pastoral, rustic, graphic, and art deco suit. Additionally our guests have an access to the kitchen to share. Each room is equipped with TV and CD/DVD set, and Wi-Fi Internet access.

For those who long for unique historical atmosphere we prepared a room which comprises a dining room, café and winery. As it is located in a palace arch-vaulted basement, it is cool in the summer and in the winter our guests may enjoy the warmth of fire sitting by an antique fireplace. We are convinced that this special place will inspire you to organize friendly meetings, romantic dates or culinary treats. Dishes are prepared with the use of a cooker that remembers its German owners.

The mystic basements with 150-year old floor tiles offer unforgettable pleasures for your soul and body: sauna and Turkish bath with aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy; Jacuzzi with a waterfall, water massage, Colour Therapy, and Sound Therapy. That’s not all. In adjacent rooms our guests will find a billiard table, small salt cave and, in the future, a gym.

The body regeneration wouldn’t be complete without a stroll along a Mid-18th-Century manor landscape park. It is famous for as many as 27 natural features of historical importance, for instance one of the oldest yews in Poland. Walking among swaying trees, listening to singing birds hidden among the branches of the trees and enjoying smells of blooming trees will sooth every soul. Apart from admiring exotic trees our guest will surely be fond of garden architecture spread throughout the park. In the future there is going to be a pond as well.

The neighbourhood area invites those who find pleasure in picking up mushrooms. Numerous forest tracks and footpaths are ideal for those who want to admire views while riding a bike, or even a horse since a palace stable offers one and for bigger groups, it is possible to bring more horses from nearby stables.

Undoubtedly, a bonfire or barbecue will be a nice final attraction of a beautiful day spent in Jasminum Palace…

See you in Zalesie.