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In a palace arch-vaulted basement you can see mainly natural materials like: brick, stone and wood. There we prepared rooms for body and soul regeneration. We did our best to offer our guests sophisticated interiors with a touch of luxury. You will walk on 150-year old floor tiles or, in the places that were missing the tiles, we put onyx or heated marble slabs.

Our mini SPA offers a cedar sauna and Turkish bath with aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, and Sound Therapy. Afterwards those who are brave enough can pour a bucket of cold water or after a shower jump into a jacuzzi with a water massage. Our jacuzzi has several nozzles to massage adequate parts of your body. Additionally you can enjoy waterfall swoosh, Colour Therapy, and AromaTherapy.

Since we care about our guests’ health and we want to create an unusual atmosphere we put a few salt lamps. The lamps are a natural air ionizer which increases the level of negative ions in the rooms, as a result it improves the quality of air and consequently we are in a better mood. All in all Jasminum Palace offers all the benefits of negative ions without going to the seaside or salt mines in Wieliczka. It has been proved that salt lamps help to reduce high blood pressure, cleanse a respiratory track and their light helps those who suffer from insomnia.

After cleansing and refreshing your body, and after losing some calories, it’d be nice to sit behind an enormous carved wooden table in a dining room, cafe or winery or sink into a comfortable sofa by a warm fireplace. Apart from relaxing you can also play billiards.
The owners of the palace are going to offer even more in the nearest future: gym, salt cave and massage table so it’s worth checking from time to time to see what is new.