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    • It’s a big room situated on the north side but brightened up with sunny colours. The old wooden floor, structural plaster, a double queen bed are the main features of this room. The bed measures 200x200cm and can be even used for playing seek and hide. It can also be divided into two smaller beds that can hold even four persons. The bedroom furniture is hand painted in a Lowicz style. A specious wardrobe and chest of drawers offer enough space to keep all your clothes there. You can relax in a sophisticated upholstered rocking chair. The room is equipped with TV/DVD set in case you prefer to stay indoors. The adjacent bathroom is decorated with gold and grey mosaic, there is also a sprinkler and a glass bowl instead of a washbasin.

    first night 220PLN, second night and more 200PLN



    It’s a big bedroom with an adjacent bathroom decorated with sea like mosaic with a sprinkler and a big washbasin, additionally there is a smaller living room. The bedroom is painted in sand colours and decorated with an art deco kilim. Apart from that there’s also Tamar Lepicka’s reproduction and extra-large photos printed on canvas in the style of 20’s.



    In the suit there are two beds 100x200cm each, a specious wardrobe, folded card table and chairs. From the bedroom through an arched passage our guest may reach a red room with a cream sofa and two armchairs. The sofa can be used as an additional bed in case you have your friends or family visiting.



    There is also a bookcase with a few re-known masterpieces, tourist guides, children books and photo albums. Apart from these there are several DVDs to be watched on TV/DVD set. In case of bad weather you won’t get bored.

    Price: first night 260 PLN, second night and more 240 PLN



    As the owners joke about the room: it has a colour of boiled strawberries. It has an old wooden flooring and stylish wallpaper. The room is very bright and sunny, furnished with Art Nouvea antique furniture. It has a 140x200cm bed, crystal chandelier, soft carpet, dressing table and bedside table with marble tops. The furniture and decor make the room very elegant. The bathroom with a sprinkler has sea colours all around. The look may resemble a Provence style due to a characteristic mirror.

    Price: first night 220 PLN, second night and more 200 PLN



    If not for an old, folk, hand-painted cupboard, this blue room could be regarded as modern since the bathroom is decorated with a green glass mosaic and instead of a washbasin there is a glass bowl, and instead of a tap – a waterfall. This room is the smallest here and it might not be perfect for a longer stay but it surely is a cosy place for those who want to find a quiet shelter, read a book, have a rest or spend the time in an active way and then come back to have a sound sleep. The bed is 140x200cm and it matches a canvas painting created by a local artist, and an old wooden floor covered with a zoomorphic carpet.

    Price: first night 180 PLN, second night and more 160PLN



    It is a romantic room situated in the north part of the house for those who appreciate an expressive style. Purple walls are finished with cream and gold floral borders. The borders match ideally cream furniture brought from France. The furniture is hand painted in cute cream and gold flowers. The bed is 140x200cm so it seems to be perfect for a couple of lovers. Next to the bed there is a dressing table for a lady so she could feel like women from a distant past. A vast wardrobe can hold all the clothes of those who decide to come for longer. Klimt’s “Danae” and „Kiss”, together with knitted from cotton sheer curtains, a wooden floor, crystal chandelier and many other details create an impression of time travel. This room is accompanied by a bathroom with a sprinkler decorated with a purple-grey mosaic.

    Price: first night 220 PLN, second night and others 200 PLN



    • The kitchen is organized this way so you could feel like at home. It is equipped with basic appliances so our guests could prepare meals or just drink coffee and have a snack.



    In Jasminum you move a hundred years back: the corridor is lit by lamps made out of genuine paraffin lamps. The ceiling is supported by old pine beams, on the walls there are photos of the palace taken before the Second World War. Additionally you can sit comfortably on a sofa and use a special aid for those who get cold easily hidden in a dowry chest.